CGI Render of courtyard in development showing apartments and playground

Glass Bottle

Almost 20 years after the closure of the Irish Glass Bottle factory, the potential of the site is finally to be realised with the development of Glass Bottle – a vibrant waterfront community strategically located between Dublin City and Dublin Bay.

The creation of this new urban quarter will see the transformation of approximately 15 hectares of a former industrial site into an integrated and vibrant neighbourhood with a balanced mix of residential, offices, retail, hotels, cultural and community facilities, leisure, restaurants, bars and open-air public amenity space within walking distance of Dublin City Centre.

At the heart of Glass Bottle will be approximately 3,800 new homes, providing housing for up to 9,500 people including 10% social housing and 15% affordable housing.

Planning was approved for Phase 1 in March 2022 and for Phase 1b in February 2023. Here you can find details of what is proposed for Phase 1 and 1b and the overall Masterplan for the site.

Public consultation on more detailed aspects of the scheme, including community elements will follow in the next coming months.