A key objective of the Poolbeg West Planning Scheme is to integrate Glass Bottle with the surrounding area. Glass Bottle will add to the distinctiveness of these unique communities.

The site itself will be highly permeable, allowing for public access at all times. This ensures easier, and improved routes for local residents to the enhanced coastline and strand. Physical connections between the areas will be designed to encourage communities to interact within their shared villages, parks and community, sporting and leisure facilities.

Those physical connections will include pedestrian links and cycling routes, along with the provision of a new bus route and Luas extension. It will also include links to the city centre via the new dodder bridge along the South Docks, and to the coastal path and Irishtown Nature Park through a Coastal Promenade. This will provide a key link connecting Sandymount Strand to Poolbeg lighthouse and South Wall.

Dedicated public transport infrastructure will be integrated to promote sustainable transport.