Meanwhile uses

As part of the RFI response that was submitted to Dublin City Council was a proposal for a temporary (5-year permission) ‘Cultural Hub,’ located to the south of the permitted Central Boulevard on Glass Bottle. The Hub will sit on the site while it is being prepared for residential development.

The Meanwhile Uses facility will facilitate temporary artistic, cultural and creative, community, commercial, retail and social spaces. The Meanwhile uses will be located just off the coastal path, opening the site up to Dublin Bay and the beach at Sandymount Strand, encouraging local residents and visitors to become part of the Glass Bottle story. They will promote the temporary use of vacant land for artistic, cultural and community uses with the aim of engaging young people in the arts, as well as facilitating outdoor performances that will enliven the local street scene.

We are seeking permission for a development which will include 13 artists’ studios, areas for food and drink retailers, two commercial units, including a ‘Container Farm’ unit for the growing of plants, a wellness zone, a two-storey gallery and communal workspace, a three-storey ‘town hall’ area to facilitate activities such as street performances, meetings and events and sculptural installations.

The Meanwhile Uses submission also includes proposals to build WC and waste storage facilities, alongside car and bicycle parking spaces and the provision of temporary vehicular, pedestrian and cyclist access from South Bank Road.

The local community, including artists and artists groups will be consulted on their views. Should planning be successful further detailed engagement will be undertaken, likely including an ‘open call’ for expressions of interest in the artistic spaces.

Further information relating to Meanwhile Use can be found here  GlassBottle – Public Information