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  • What is the Glass Bottle development?

  • How many homes will be built?

  • How many of these will be social and affordable housing?

  • What stage is the development at?

  • What is an SDZ?

  • What is included in the planning application for Phase 1?

  • When will Glass Bottle be complete?

  • Will current residents be able to access the Glass Bottle's Facilities?

  • Will the development lead to jobs for the local community?

  • How will the construction impact the local area?

  • What are the traffic and transport plans?

  • What is included in the planning application for Phase 1b?

  • What is a meanwhile use?

Contact Us

We have committed to a large-scale public information process for Phase 1, with detailed consultation to follow for subsequent phases. We have already engaged and invited key community groups to discuss the project and we are using their expertise and knowledge to help inform elements of the final proposition.

We welcome any view you may have on Phase 1 or the overall Masterplan for the site. All of the responses received will be logged and considered by the project team.An extensive summary of issues raised during consultations, and how they have been considered and responded to, will also be provided.

You can also contact us at hello@glassbottle.ie